Assessing Clean, Green, Natural and non-GMO: Examining the Regulatory Soundness and Potential Liabilities for the Beauty & Supplements Industry

As the market continues to evolve, buzz words like “clean”, “green”, “natural”, “non-GMO”, “vegan”, “anti-cruelty” become that much more important to beauty and supplement brands and manufacturers to meet consumers demands for a healthy lifestyle. However, this has caused cosmetics, supplement and functional food companies a variety of headaches as they try to understand and navigate the new challenges that using these terms create. In this session, we will look into such things as:

  • Understanding what the implications and risks associated with labeling supplements, cosmetics and personal care products as “natural”
  • Examining the status of the new labeling requirements, and assessing whether your company is ready for the compliance deadlines
  • Understanding new regulations requiring labeling for bioengineered products
  • Analyzing the use of claims with ambiguous or changing definitions, such as “natural” and “healthy”, as well as interpreting FDA’s current position on these terms
  • Assessing the challenges with labeling products as preservative-free and natural or vegan, gluten free, peanut free, etc.
  • Deciphering the current standard for USDA requirement for “organic” and how does this apply to cosmetics and supplements?
  • Lessons learned from FDA requirements for natural versus synthetic flavors and how the cosmetics & supplements industries adapt to these standards


  • Paul Konney | EVP, General Counsel & Head of Global Regulatory Affairs | Metagenics
  • Tracey Barth | Manager, Regulatory Affairs | Autumn Harp
  • Kristi Wolff | Partner | Kelley Drye & Warren